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Affiliate Program

Selling virgin hair is one of the hottest businesses to come along in a long time. The great thing about this type of business is that we’ve made it so easy for anyone passionate about beauty to get the business. But we also have now made it easy to generate serious cash from expanding the business quickly. The YouSellHair affiliate program allows you to get paid even faster when you sign up for your own store. It lets you refer others to get their own virgin hair store as an affiliate and get paid every week.

  • Weekly Cash Payments

    As an affiliate store you can earn cash for every store you refer to the yousellhair platform. And you’ll get paid weekly. Could you use an extra $500 or $1000 per week? Then the YouSellHair affiliate program is perfect for you! Expand your business by getting others to get their own virgin hair store and get paid.

  • Accelerated Income

    To accelerate your income and help you grow your business quicker we have created a patent pending compensation program called the “Diva Double”! This compensation program allows you to generate Thousands of dollar just like a franchise and generating just 4 other affiliate stores can get you started to finanical freedom.

Invite Others - UnFranchising

Rather than Franching we call this “UnFranchising” UnFranchising reverses the model. It allows you to cash in on the front end without investing tons of upfront  and hoping to get paid on the backend! Now imagine if each time a beauty supply store popped up you would get a franchise fee no matter what the name is on the sign?

  • Making The Real Money

    But In Business do you know how you make the big money? Expanding your reach and duplicating your business to other locations. It’s the same in the ecommerce and digital world!

  • FREE To Try!

    We make it super easy to open other stores under your business because anyone can open their own virgin hair business for free - No Credit Card Needed!

Earn Fast Cash!

Diva Double Compensation System

Become An Affiliate

You upgrade your store to affiliate status to be able to earn affiliate income on top of your store sales commissions.


Invite others to become part of your team to get their own virgin hair brand and business.

Get Paid Weekly

You will earn weekly cash bonus for every affiliate store that signs up to get their own store and they become part of your team.

$250 Quick Cash

Earn $250 for your first Diamond affiliate store you refer.

Double Up

You Also get paid $250 from 2 stores that they refer. That’s Double the money on top of what you personally generated.

$3,000 in 30 Days

Get others to set up their own virgin hair store and you'll make override bonuses on everything they sell. Maximize your income.

Diva Double Compensation

Affiliate Levels

Start FREE or make the big bucks! Pick the level that is right for you.

Limited Time Offer!

Ruby Affiliate

$39.95 per month

$199 Affiliate Fee

  • Hair Sales Pay You
  • $100 Fast Cash Bonus (Ruby Affiliates
  • Sample Hair
  • Free Flyers
$199 Affiliate Fee
$39 Per Month

Diamond Affiliate

$59.95 per month

$599 Affiliate Fee

  • Hair Sales Pay You
  • $250 Fast Cash Bonus (Diamond Affiliates)
  • 3 Bundles of FREE Virgin Hair
  • FREE Flyers
  • FREE Postcards
  • $100 Fash Cash Bonus (Ruby Affiliates)
  • FREE SEO Marketing Campaign
  • Additional Product Videos
  • Special Override Bonuses
$599 Affiliate Fee
$59.95 Per Month

Emerald Affiliate

$149.95 per month

$1,995 Affilate Fee

  • Hair Sales Pay You
  • $1,000 Fast Cash Bonus (Emerald Affiliates)
  • 5 Bundles of FREE Hair
  • FREE Flyers
  • FREE Postcards
  • FREE Business Cards
  • FREE SEO Campaign
  • $100 Fast Cash Bonus (Ruby Affiliates)
  • $250 Fash Cash Bonus (Diamond Affiliates)
  • Customized Marketing Campaign
  • Exclusive Training
  • Live Chat(with customers)
  • Special Override Bonuses
  • Enhanced Reporting
$1,995 Affiliate Fee
$149.95 Per Month

Affiliate Video

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